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We take seriously our commitment to quality results and integrity in all phases of installation. Because we are a small company, we depend on client satisfaction and word of mouth referrals. Our customer testimonials page demonstrates this commitment. Please also take a moment to visit our Gallery pages for examples of our diverse projects or go to our Contact page to set up a design/installation appointment.


Thank you for taking time to view our website. I hope you will find it inspiring and will give you some ideas about how we can enhance your enjoyment of your property while increasing its value.


Bob Moseley, Owner







TESTIMONIAL: Exceptional final product with the care and professionalism that is rarely observed in residential construction. Only the hand of a committed craftsman, who is intimately familiar with his subject, can create a place that so naturally fits into the surroundings. [project above]

Randy P., Raleigh, NC



Waterfalls Poolside

Pool Waterfalls Sideview


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