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This grand patio design was constructed of Pennsylvania full-color pattern flagstone with serpentine cut natural capstone over synthetic stone seating walls and steps, and provides a spacious outdoor living and entertaining area for the home.  A irregular-flagstone organic design patio transitions to the lush lawn and landscape. This masonry porch and steps replaced a wooded deck entry to an elegant north Raleigh townhome This is an example of an extremely tight natural stone veneer wall installed on a concrete slab and block foundation and features a two inch bluestone flamed capstone This hardscape features a natural recirculating stream with waterfall breeching a natural stone seating wall, bouldering, stone steps and pavers patio Thin veneer natural stone updates and beautifully enhances this older home.  Veneer was also added to garage face and pool house. Full-color Pennsylvania flagstone patio with serpentine joint work A beautiful natural stone walk, steps, side walls, and landing replace a wooden porch Natural stone dry-stack look serpentine retaining wall This natural stone fireplace, hearth, and mantle complement this sophisticated home interior Pattern Pennsylvania flagstone patio with natural gas firepit Synthetic stone walls are an integral part of this extensive landscape Stone veneer added to this stand-alone garage/shop enabled the homeowner to quickly sell this older home Built-in cook station keekps this client outdoors enjoying his hardscape more Herringbone pattern brickwork makes this porch more inviting A natural stone in a rustic design creates a unique custom wood-burning fireplace A beautiful upgrade to a wooden deck overhaul using Pennsylvanin pattern flagstone and a brick foundation Rustic stonework complements this rustic setting A natural stone retaining wall with natural gas fire pit--a great place to be day and night This built-in cooking center features Tennesse capstone serving area and a Tennessee flagstone patio Natural stone fireplace, mantle, and hearth A stone and pavers entry walk to an elegant brick home
  • Grand Patio Design
  • Masonry Porch
  • Tight Groughtless Stone Wall
  • Patio with Stream and Wall Waterfall
  • House Veneer Stone
  • Pennsylvania Flagstone Patio
  • Stone Walk, Steps, and Landing
  • Serpenting Stone Wall
  • Natural Stone Fireplace, Hearth, and Mantle
  • Flagstone Patio and Firepit
  • Synthetic Stone Walls
  • Synthetic Stone Garage Veneer
  • Built-In Cook Station
  • Herringbone Brickwork Porch
  • Rustic Fireplace
  • Raised Stone Patio with Brick Foundation
  • Rustic Stonework
  • Natural stone wall and gas firepit
  • Natural stone built-in cook center and flagstone patio
  • Natural stone fireplace, mantle, and hearth
  • A stone and pavers entry walk to an elegant brick home





Carolyn & I are super pleased with the job you did for us [2000 sf pattern flagstone terrace, 100 lf synthetic stone seating wall with natural stone capstone, 160 sf irregular flagstone landing, stone steps, stone ramp, column bases, and walkway design--ed.]. We could not be happier. Please show it to anyone you are proposing a job to & they want to see your work.

Russel Gay.--Raleigh, NC




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