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One of the joys of having a water feature is the opportunity to learn and interact with nature The three rings of this fountain were designed to be spiritually significant memorial.  We refer to it as a Trinity Fountain This water feature includes a large pond, streams and falls, a bio-garden and stone bridge [see details at our Featured Projects page] This heavily planted water garden features three levels with falls from each The headwaters of this 100' stream feature a two-ton waterfall stone This comprehensive stone/water-scape features hillside stream, bog garden, multiple falls, bouldering, seating wall, and a patio with Pennsylvania bluestone coping A very natural-looking stream complement a small pond at the home entry The soothing sound of trickling water down this water wall offers a comforting respite in this small downtown courtyard Koi Pond with Steppers This natural looking brook runs beside a flagstone patio and stone bench Streamside seating boulder at a remoth Chapel Hill cottage This wide waterfall features multiple outlet points flowing into  a koi pond The grandchildren enjoy playing in this stream featuring a small patio and natural stone bench This small back yard was expanded by the addition of a natural stone seating wall cut into the hillside.  A stream breaches the wall with a waterfall at the corner of the patio This natural stream cuts through a steep hillside Waterfall Stone at Pool Edge An existing courtyard wall was modified to include a waterfall
  • Fish Feeding
  • Trinity Fountain
  • Lotus
  • Azaleas
  • Waterfall and Stream
  • Comprehensive Waterscape
  • Planted Stream
  • Water Wall
  • Koi Pond with Steppers
  • Natural Brook
  • Streamside
  • Wide Waterfall
  • Grandchildren Streamside
  • Waterfall Breaching Wall
  • Steep Stream
  • Waterfall Stone at Pool Edge
  • Courtyard Fountain



“It was a pleasure to have [Stones & Streams] create our dream backyard. The end result was beyond ony of our expectations. They are both creative and talented craftsmen. We highly recommend Stones and Streams.”


Mike and Mary Kay M., Raleigh, NC


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