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Project Parameters


Our client wanted something a step up from the pavers with brick styled courtyards prevalent in this upscale neighborhood in downtown Raleigh. Because she was confident in our reputation for quality and creativity, her only specification was that the courtyard included fire and water and provide a sense of security.


Before Courtyard Image



The courtyard includes a privacy fireplace wall on the larger north end (the “public” place)—emphasizing: family, friends, food and fellowship. 


The south end features a privacy waterfall wall with a planter bed on the top and planters on each side (the “private” space)—symbolic of relaxation, serenity and reflection. 


The two ends are separated by a raised “causeway” between the house and the garage that includes a grilling area. The causeway also enabled the replacement of the wooden deck and steps with elegant, and fewer, stone steps.


Design by Stones & Streams.


















Stone Waterfall WallLLooking South

Stone Waterfall WallLLooking North -- opposite the water wall



Design Comments

The biggest challenge of the courtyard was the compact size (approximately 12’ x 40’ between the house and garage).  We wanted the main elements (waterfall wall, fireplace wall, planters and stone bench seat) to have a sense of strength and mass but not to overpower the courtyard.  Numerous planters built within the stonework will, over time with maturing plants, help soften the spaces and make them feel even more inviting.  Soft natural earth-tone colored stonework also helps make the spaces calming.  And, of course, nothing is as soothing as the sounds of running water.

We helped establish the feeling of separate rooms within the courtyard with the causeway between the garage and house being raised one step from the elevation of the two "rooms.".  



Closeup of Pond, Bridge and Patio

Garden area to the right of the fire pit and along the garage


Closeup of Pond, Bridge and PatioSide entry from front of house


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